Cellavista is a fully automated cell imager designed for the characterization of cells as an integral step of your research, development and production process.

Using image cytometry with the Cellavista many labor intensive processes can be streamlined: images from a large number of samples are automatically converted into unbiased numbers for cell culture status.

The Cellavista generates high resolution images to resolve every tiny detail, necessary to identify and classify  individual cells as the one you need to find or to count it as one of many in a cell culture plate.

To this end Cellavista employs fast non-invasive brightfield imaging to minimize cell stress and three fluorescence channels for in-detail analysis of cell status.

A great variety of cell based assays can be run on the Cellavista, for example to check cell culture status in a quick and non-invasive way, to analyze suspension cells from fermenters or more demanding applications like toxicity tests.

The Cellavista can handle all SBS standard plate formats. The wells are scanned and the images stitched to produce a whole well image. Depending on the assay type, different parameters can be set for the image analysis, typically the cell number, cell confluence, size and morphology as well as the fluorescence intensity.

The Cellavista has been integrated into several different automated environments and supports easily linked to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers with companies like Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Beckman Coulter, PAA and thermoFisher Scientific.